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May 30, 2020, 06:20:32 pm
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Evionet's Question of the Day!

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Author Topic: Evionet's Question of the Day!  (Read 19388 times)
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« Reply #4215 on: July 15, 2013, 02:33:09 pm »

What I would change about modern society is how money is driving people. How people are complaining for paying $1000 for a computer that can do basically anything, while proudly buying a $5000 Rolex.
How brands are controlling us. How my parents can renovate the whole house as if they were rich, but then going out of the city to fill car gas because it's 10 cents cheaper. How kids always want more and more stuff that won't give them anything in life. How people are willing to get money, but not work for it.
Capitalism can't be replaced by communism because of laziness. The monetary system isn't wrong. It's our use of it that is.
Whats wrong with any of this though? We've always had currency and it's always driven us. This is nothing "modern".

People go to the city so save money on gas so they have that money to renovate the house. When you know theres a cheaper alternative to a need, most people will go to it, with wants its a different story.
A majority of people NEED cars and NEED gas.
You don't NEED to Renovate your house, but you do it because you want to.
It's the luxury of living in a first world country. We have capitalism. People can work hard to buy things to enhance their lives be it in one way or another, rather than communism where practically everyone is the same, everyone gets the same pay. Sure we get rid of the poor and rich, but are you truly happy? Knowing that you can't aspire to be something more?

Sure Brands control us but is that really wrong at all? It's purely the persons fault if they feel lower because the person above them owns something nicer. That's their fault for caring so much about what other people think. I honestly don't care what people think, but i specifically buy branded products because I know no-name, non branded products always break on me and end up being a waste of money.

Everyone owns an iPod, I got a samsung MP3 player. The Mp3 player didn't have basic features such as playlists, or organizing songs, or even changing the EQ. So I got rid of it, and purchased an iPod. Not because I care about apple, but because what I had wasn't a good product. I could do better for my money.

And sometimes branding isn't that good. My Grandpa purchased a Mercedes a few years ago, because it was a mercedes. In the end it was a horrible excuse for a car as it had constant break downs, chugged gasoline and was poor build quality overall. Along with horrible customer service, he switched it for a Mazda SUV, and to everyone suprise the Mazda was much more safe, comfortable, luxurious, fuel efficent and practical than the Mercedes.

How people are complaining for paying $1000 for a computer that can do basically anything, while proudly buying a $5000 Rolex.
I can see how this kinda relates to me, other than the Rolex part.
But $1000 for a computer that breaks and crashes alot more than it should for the money my mom paid. Is that really wrong? I didn't pay it yes, but then again this was a gift from a couple years ago, but for the money paid we don't expect the god of all computers, but I expect something that wouldn't start going to crap after 2 years.

But I never lost anything. I'm still a social person. I constantly talk to my friends, and when im with my friends i ignore money. Money doesn't consume me, but it's nessecary for society to function.
It's always been necessary.
Even ancient rome had currency.

It seems more like you want laziness to be gone from society. Not branding or money. Just want people to work for things, and not get things they don't deserve.
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